Advice & Counsel

Helping Clients Make Educated Decisions to Avoid Legal Risk

The Firm is strategically focused on educating clients regarding state and federal laws governing the workplace.  The Firm’s primary goal is to help clients avoid complex litigation and costly legal bills.  Firm attorneys counsel clients on navigating the convergence between human resource best practices (what should you do?), legal obligations (what must you do?), and administrative logistics (what can you do?).   As part of this service, the Firm often provides management training and guidance on effective implementation of employment policies and practices as well as legal assessments to provide business owners with a confidential analysis of certain workplace processes.

If you have questions about any of the following matters, please contact us:

  • Hiring, disciplinary and firing procedures
  • Federal immigration compliance
  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  • Reasonable accommodations for disabled employees
  • Leave compliance, such as family and medical leave, North Carolina’s school conference leave, or disability leave
  • Wage and hour, such as employee/independent contractor classifications, exempt/non-exempt classifications, overtime calculations, wage deductions, payroll changes, or payout of vacation and sick leave
  • Internal workplace policies and procedures
  • Facility closing, downsizing or workforce restructuring

Please contact the Firm to learn more about their outside, in-house employment counsel model.