Proactive Consulting


Guiding small businesses through employment law compliance 

by identifying unnecessary risk exposure and

common employment-related mistakes


Soule Employment Law Firm provides employment law and human resources compliance advice, prepares employment-related contracts, and defends employers against employment-related claims.  

The Firm likes to begin each client engagement with an Employment Law Check-up.  The Check-up is an employment law compliance review that helps businesses determine where current practices or policies may be exposing them to unnecessary risk.  Importantly, the Check-up helps the Firm understand business operations and growth plans so that the Firm can work with management to create internal HR structure that will protect the business and reduce risk as it grows.  

The Firm’s proactive client relationship model is built on the concept of operating as in-house employment law counsel for small to mid-size businesses who may not yet have the current need or financial resources to maintain an attorney on-staff on a daily basis.  Because most of our clients are busy running their own business, we have adapted the practice to conform to our clients’ needs by providing flexible scheduling through meeting with clients at their locations and providing consulting over the telephone and via email. 


Advice and Counsel

Helping Small Businesses and Organizations to Make Educated Employment-Related Decisions and Avoid Legal Risk  


Legal Check-Ups

Providing Employment Law and HR Compliance Reviews to Identify Risk and Liability

Customized Contracts

Helping Protect Businesses Through Contracts Customized to Fit Business Needs and Culture

Claim Representation

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions to Resolve Employment-Related Claims and Hearings